50 Inch Double Row: Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 Dual Row LED Light Bar – Combo Optics (500w)

ADDED: April 29, 2021
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The largest light bar that Black Oak LED stocks, this 50 inch light bar is a behemoth of light­ producing capability. This dual row LED light bar features a total of 100 ultra-bright Osram 5W white LEDs positioned on two rows that span a length of almost a yard and a half. This 50-inch LED light bar is able to produce an unheard-of amount of light, making it one of the brightest automotive lights on the market today. The spot lighting in the center lights up the world for a quarter of a mile while the flood offers peripheral lighting during night runs. This is perfect for any trail or out in Glamis! Black Oak rivals Rigid and Baja Designs lights and I've loved the light. No issues with it. Selling because I'm going a different route.