Vehicle Camp Storage

Vehicle Storage

Vehicle storage is one of the hardest things to perfect. Carrying too much full time can be risky and attract thieves, carrying too little will often make you forget things. One of the best solutions I’ve found to work for me is storage containers. Not trying to tell you to purchase one specific brand or style of container, choose storage options that work well with your vehicle.

For example, for all my expensive or sensitive items I use Pelican cases. Pelican cases offer maximum protection when you pair them with foam or trekpak system. These cases can be pretty big and if you’re traveling with a full vehicle you can easily throw them in the bed of the truck and not worry about them being exposed to the elements or being damaged.

With that being said, I use a soft bed cover to hide anything I carry in the bed of my truck. The soft bed cover allows me to stow it away when not in use and has a smaller footprint than a traditional hard cover.

I use a variety of bags for items I carry full time in the truck like, medical, tools, and a small hygiene bag. Blueridge overland has made some nice bags, as of now there are plenty of cheaper options that are similar or better but since I already purchased these, I will continue to use them as they fit my needs.

I use two of their Tool bags, I use one for tools as intended and another as my medical bag. They have a designated medical bag but I like the Tool bag much better. I also use some older London Bridge Trading company windowed pouches for my hygiene kit which lives under the seat of my Ford Raptor. For Recovery Gear I carry an ARB weekender recovery kit, this recovery kit is ok, I recommend getting some soft shackles and maybe some factory 55 hitch which is something that I will be picking up soon.

For my center console, I decided to run the same trekpak system similar to the one on my 2019 tundra. This is a trekpak system from a Pelican 1300 case. Fits perfectly on the Ford Raptor center console with minor modifications. Having this trekpak system allows me to organize a few items like my fire extinguisher, ifak kit, radios, and headlamps. In my center console I also have my Rugged radio hard mounted.

Finally my camp gear. I have different storage bins for different items. I have a Plano 56qt trunk as my cooking bin. The Plano holds my jet boil genesis stove and everything I need to cook. Plano did a great job with this inexpensive box as it comes with a weather seal to help keep the elements and bugs out. It is a bit flimsy so I wouldn’t necessarily stand on it. Next are the Front Runner Wolf Packs, I use these to store food or dry goods. These are always empty as I pack them the night before we head out. The wolf packs are surprisingly sturdy and usually use two stacked as an extra chair while out camping. These boxes aren’t weather sealed and should be kept away from bugs. Everything else like tables, chairs, tents. Usually have their own storage bags which makes it easier when packing or unpacking from a trip.


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